Motul RBF660 Factory Line Brake Fluid 0.5litre

  • Motul RBF660 Factory Line Brake Fluid 0.5litre
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The Motul RBF660 Factory Line brake fluid is intended for all types of hydraulic brake and clutch actuators requiring non-silicone synthetic fluid.

Specially designed to resist to extreme temperature generated by racing carbon and ceramic brakes allowing minimizing air entrance for brake cooling. Can be also used with conventional steel discs and clutch systems actuators.

It has a very high dry boiling point of 325°C (617°F) and a wet boiling point of 204°C (400°F). Widely exceeds DOT 3, DOT 4 and DOT 5.1 standards (except for DOT 5.1 viscosity at - 40°C).


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