Lambdatronic LT4 ADV

  • Lambdatronic LT4 ADV
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The Bosch Motorsport Lambdatronic LT4 ADV is a control module which function is to supply and control up to four Bosch LSU ADV. The new lambda sensor LSU ADV offers extended features as an improved robustness, a shorter heating time and less influence from the ambient pressure.The LSU ADV contains a Nernst cell and a pump cell. The lambda value between the Nernst cell and an internal oxygen reference chamber is controlled to lambda 1.013, independent of the oxygen concentration on the emission side. This happens thanks to the pumpcurrent throw the pump cell, responsible for the transmission of oxygen atoms in the sensor ceramic. The current proportional output voltage of the IC gets translated in a lambda value. The LT4 ADV provides the sensors temperature and other diagnostics parametersover CAN. The 4 lambda signals can be read by using the CAN or analog output.The main feature and benefit of this unit is its compact design, its light weight construction, as well as the possibility to control up to 4 Lambda Sensors LSU ADV with multiple user-configurable parameters.


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