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The Bosch Motorport M 60 is a compact and light weight sensor interface unit for analog and digital sensors. Up to eight M60 can be used to expand the number of input channels of the C data logger range as well as the DDU display range. The M 60 are linked via high-speed Ethernet interface. This allows for synchronized acquisition of data from the different units and the ECU. The M 60 offers 26 analog inputs, four rotational inputs, four pwm outputs and two independent CAN buses. Each analog input channel features an analog pre-filter, 8 x oversampling and highly linear digital filtering. The cut-off frequency of the digital filter is automatically adjusted to match the acquisition rate. The latency of the digital filters is corrected during recording, yielding zero filter delay in the recorded data. The evaluation of each M 60 measurement channel is individually configurable with the PC configuration tool RaceCon.


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